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The server

SuperSurvivalX originates from the SSX NPP server and is now totaly independant. Since 2021, the server lost activity and shutted down for many month, to compensate this, SuperSurvivalX was created with the objective of giving the players a similar experience as before. As time went by, the server detached itself more and more from his source and is now offering a different approach to the survival and roleplay aspect of Minecraft, giving you the chance to play an original survival, with drugs, active shops, and more awesome plugins. And also providing the chance to build large projects in the city and take part in many roles like operating a nuclear powerplant, being a judge, a drug dealer, etc. 

The staff

The staff is very small; one admin, Deimos, and some builders. Currently we lack some personnnel so take a look at our discord for more if interested. 


Why can't I have the map file ?
Even if the SupersurvivalX server is not affected by robin.xs' copyrights anymore, I chose not to share the map file as the server is accessible 24/7 and also to prevent cheating.

Why is the server not very active ?
Mainly because of the lack of free time and the small amount of players. Feel free to bring some activity and join the staff team.

Why is the server still on 1.18.2 ?
Many plugins would break, newer versions requires more RAM and thus make the server more explansive to host. It's also very time consuming to update the server to stay up to date and many bugs appear when updating. 

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