Latest News

The server

SuperSurvivalX is a branch of the SSX NPP server. Since 2021, the server lost activity and shutted down for many month, to compensate this, SuperSurvivalX was created with the objective of giving the players a similar experience as before. As time went by, the server detached itself more and more from his source and is now offering a different approach to the survival and roleplay aspect of Minecraft, giving you the chance to play an original survival, with drugs, active shop, and more awesome plugins. And also providing the chance to build large projects in creative and take part in many roles like operating a nuclear powerplant, being a judge, a drug dealer, etc. 

The staff

The staff is very small; one admin, Deimos, and some builders. Currently we lack some personnnel so take a look at our discord for more if interested. 


Why can't I have the map file ?
Robin.xs has some copyrights on the map file and made his part of the map a premium feature on his server. That's why I can't give you the map file.

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